Pumpab – Special Pump and Skid Solutions

We do not see ourselves as the traditional pump supplier. We offer highly engineered products as well as design for pumps, skids and systems. Special areas are Cryogenic applications such as LIN, LOX, CO2 and LNG and Corrosive applications in thermoplastic, PTFE or PFA as well as wide range of pumps for Process, water, oil and chemical. We can supply the pumps separately but often engineer them into complete Skids or systems. One special field is Pigging Systems including all design, engineering, components, pipe erection and control systems. To this we have a complete range of Filter and filter systems as well as pump related Valves. Pumpab is a new type of partner for pump and skid supplies.

Special Pump and Skid Solutions – It is not just a pump for us.


Product areas